At Lilly Oncology, we are dedicated to developing and delivering innovative new medicines that will make a meaningful difference to cancer patients. For us, this means putting an intense focus on the latest scientific advances, and collaborating with doctors, other researchers, advocates and payers to ensure our medicines bring value to people living with cancer.

People living with cancer are at the center of what we do. Our research team is leveraging precision medicine and immuno-oncology to bring forth new medicines as fast as possible to help people living with cancer fight their disease.

We are focused on developing the next generation of foundational agents. We invest in opportunities supported by a strong scientific rationale, setting a high bar in terms of potential clinical impact, and we actively complement our internal pipeline with external innovation to ensure we are pursuing the most meaningful opportunities.

We believe health care only makes a difference when it improves peoples' lives. Our medicines have to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people with cancer. That's why we're focusing on researching and developing medicines that meet a need. Whether it's treating rare tumor types, leveraging precision medicine, continuing the study of immuno-oncology or finding new ways to improve existing treatments, we're searching for ways to make even greater differences in the lives of people living with cancer.