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Eli Lilly and Company Global Headquarters Lilly Corporate Center
Indianapolis, Indiana 46285 United States of America
Phone: +1-317-276-2000

  • For Patients and Caregivers

    Customer Service

    Please find information about specific Lilly products here. If you have questions regarding Lilly products, please call The Lilly Answers Center at 1-800-Lilly-Rx (1-800-545-5979) or access the following link to submit your question electronically: Patient and Caregiver Submit a Question. If you are aware of an adverse experience or issue involving any Lilly medicines or devices, please call us.

    Patient Resources

    If you are a patient and have questions about covering the cost of your Lilly medicines, please call The Lilly Answers Center at 1-800-Lilly-Rx (1-800-545-5979).
  • For Health Care Providers

    Customer Service and Online Resources

    If you are a health care professional in the U.S., please call The Lilly Answers Center at 1-800-LillyRx (1-800-545-5979) or visit The website offers medical information using a self-directed search, as well as options to submit your question or chat online with a Lilly medical professional. Please call The Lilly Answers Center to request a visit from a Lilly sales representative. If you are aware of an adverse experience or issue involving any Lilly medicines or devices, please call us.

    Health Care Provider Helpline

    If you are a health care provider and believe a Lilly sales representative engaged in questionable or inappropriate conduct, or if you have questions about our physician payment registry, please visit our helpline website or call us at 1-877-237-8197.
  • For Media

    Lilly Media Contacts

    If you are a media professional, please visit our media contacts page.
  • For Employment Opportunities

    Positions in the United States

    Please visit the Lilly Careers website and use our online portal to search and apply for job opportunities.

    Positions outside the United States

    For career opportunities outside the U.S., please search here.

    If you require an accommodation to submit a resume for positions at Lilly, please email Lilly Human Resources for further assistance.
  • For Potential Scientific Partnering and Collaborating

    Scientific Partnering

    Tell us about your idea, technology or innovation and how we can work together to bring it to life via this form. For general information, please visit the scientific partnering section of our website.
  • For Potential Suppliers

    Lilly Supplier Portal

    Connect here for prospective and existing supplier information.
  • To Report a Concern

    Report an Ethics Violation/Concern

    If you believe that in the course of doing business we have not met regulations, or even fallen short of our own values, please tell us by calling the Lilly Ethics and Compliance Global Hotline at 1-800-815-2481 or via this website.

    Please note that if you are reporting from outside of the United States, you will be prompted with instructions for submitting a report consistent with local process. For Reporting from Countries with Hotline Reporting Restrictions, please click here. For direct dialing instructions, please click here.

Please find information about additional U.S. locations here. To visit websites of our global affiliates, please click the globe icon at the top of this website.