Connecting to Lilly

Registration of your Lilly account with myPassword@Lilly is required to begin utilizing Lilly resources. myPassword@Lilly is a self-service password management tool that allows you to manage your Lilly password from anywhere, on any device.

myPassword@Lilly Guide Register with myPassword@Lilly

Lilly provides a number of resources accessible to external users and third party collaborators. Tap or click a service tile below to get started. The following Operating System and Browser combinations will be able to access Lilly systems; however, the optimal Lilly experience is through Windows with Internet Explorer.

MS Windows: Internet Explorer (preferred), Edge, Chrome
Mac OS X: Safari, Chrome
Apple iOS: Mobile Safari
Android: Chrome

Not sure which method to use?

Please contact your Lilly Sponsor to determine how you should be connecting to Lilly. If you still require assistance, contact the appropriate Lilly service desk for your region.

Service Desk Phone Numbers